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Peninsula Eiderstedt / Tetenbuell

Peninsula Eiderstedt

The house in Tetenbüll is located right in the middle of the peninsula Eiderstedt, in the middle of the national park Nationalpark Wattenmeer (World Natural Heritage and Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO) in the wadden sea in the Bundesland of Schleswig-Holstein.

The preservation centre “Schutzstation Wattenmeer” offer tidal walks + other events with certified tour guides in either Westerhever or in St. Peter Ording.

In Tönning, 11 km from the Old School, there is the Multimar Wattforum, a national park exhibition and information center, where you can experience the wadden sea and whales in the exhibition and in guided tours.

From Tetenbuell it is circa 5 km to the swimming area “Tetenbuell Spieker” or “Evershop Siel” just 6 km away. Both are often used when St. Peter Ording becomes too overcrowded. Who prefers sandy beaches should certainly go to St. Peter Ording in about 20 km distance.


The picturesque village Tetenbuell is quietly located on the peninsula of Eiderstedt in North Friesia away from any major road and yet close to St. Peter Ording and the larger city of Husum. The house with the two apartments is located in the historic center next to the historic church of St. Anne from the 14/15. Century (worth seeing). The place Tetenbuell is a very quiet resort. The Old School is just next to the museum “Haus Peters”, a former “colonial goods shop” (until the 1960s). The picture book village Tetenbüll is a very quiet vacation village. Here you can download the brochure of the municipality Tetenbüll (picture click): A day in the picture book village Tetenbüll.

The old school was designated a cultural monument together with the village center in 2020. Excerpts from the text of the SH State Office for the Protection of Monuments: “…village center Tetenbüll, grown ensemble situation with buildings of the late 18th to early 20th century… On the south side of the street Westerenn, which forms the western extension of the Dörpstraat, three former functional buildings of the village are located, staged by wide green areas with old trees: the elementary school, the secondary school and the poorhouse of Tetenbüll. The buildings, which are now used as residential houses and were partly extended at the beginning of the 20th century, are broad eaves brick houses under hipped roofs with a central dormer… One of the last vivid examples of historic village centers in North Friesland. Therefore of historical, urbanistic and cultural landscape value.” The AlteSchule Eiderstedt and the village center. Listed buildings are shown in red.


The “Old School” on Eiderstedt in Tetenbuell gives an idea of how school operations may have looked like at the end of the 19th century.

The school was built around 1860, the heyday of Eiderstedt. At that time Eiderstedt was an important meat producer for England. The industrial revolution drove people into the cities. London could only feed its people with additional food from abroad.

During this time the cattle were driven from Eiderstedt to Hamburg and transported from there by ship to London.

Sights / activities

Worth seeing are the house Peters Haus Peters directly in the village or a visit to the tavern “Andresen” on Katinger Watt with the original Delft farmhouse parlor and delicious cake (We recommend the rubble cake or in German “Truemmertorte”.).


The North Sea shrimps come directly from the fishing cutter in the small restaurant in Evershop Siel. Here is also a nice bathing spot in the tidelands (about 6 km away).

Enjoy a restaurant visit in the “Seekiste” on the Boehler beach. You can drive to the beach by car. The sunset is particularly impressive here.

Especially nice and absolutely great cakes are available in the Swiss house (“Galerie Café Schweizer Haus”)in Tating. Look for a sign along the main road in Rating, where you must then turn left.

Everywhere you will find small, worth seeing galleries in the villages. A current brochure, with the locations and descriptions, should be available in the tourist office in Garding.

The “Red Haubarg” towards Oldenswort has a nice restaurant and a small interesting museum.

Be sure to check out the Multiwattforum (Wadden Sea Museum)  in Toenning.  There is something interesting for every age group here. We also recommend a visit to the historic fishing port in Toenning.

The Dutch town of Friedrichsstadt with its canals and original Dutch gabled houses offers you a nice trip. Go on a canal cruise if you wish!

In St. Peter Ording you always have water and lots of sand and sun at Ordinger beach. This is also the surf beach with surfing school for young and old. During bad weather, the dune spa bath in St. Peter Ording district “Bad” is highly recommended. Enjoy a relaxing stroll through the old city in St. Peter district “Dorf”, village. Here you will find various restaurants and small shops in the midst of many thatched cottages. Also very nice is the animal park „Westküstenpark“, west coast park, in St. Peter Ording with many native species and a “Robbarium”, a seal breeding station.

Take the chance for the many possible walks and have a look at the lighthouse Westerhever! Here you can also make a Wadden Sea walk through the “Watt” to the sand dune and then go for a swim.

On Eiderstedt there are countless bike paths and marked bike tours. You can receive a current issue to this Topic in the tourist information in Garding.